The   Students of The Royal College Dehradun a boarding School got a chance to exhibit their skills of writing and debating on a platform of   World   Scholas Cup held by The University of Yales, USA. There were 450 participants from all the renowned boarding Schools of Mussoorie and Dehradun. Students participated in all events for […]

Diwali Break

4 Nov to 14 Nov 2018 report to school on 14 Nov, 2018 between 11:00 am to 3:00 p.m

Skills on Exhibit

Spring had just gone into hiding and the Summer Sun rose to show its red eyes, that is when, in the Royal College, there was a display of skill, craftsmanship, artisanship, and modern science. It’s a monumental rhetoric of the children’s motivation of the Royal College. Their effort  coupled with sagely guidance of the teachers […]

Doubt Not, Fear Not, Dare, Persevere and Win

We should be optimistic, we should be positive, yet we should be courageous and bold. We must have faith in ourselves. Any difficulty or rocky situation that we face, should be dealt with a surging confidence. Only those who are shaky, unsure and feebly creep, end up in disaster. One who dares, faces the issues […]


Respect is a word, the true meaning of which is unclear to the most young generation lads of today. They greet a teacher “guten tag” meaning “wish you well” and as that teacher turns the back, the students do not mind making fun of him.. Merely, greeting a teacher and bowing is not a respect. […]

General Updates

Diwali break 22 October after 4 p.m to 31 October 2019. Reporting to School on 31 October between  11.00 am  to 3 .00 pm for PTM to discuss results. SUMMER BREAK FROM 20 MAY 2019 TO 10 JULY. BDRS CAN GO HOME ON 18 MAY AFTER 2.00 PM. THEY WILL REPORT TO THE SCHOOL ON […]

Adieu Children !

Farewell is emotionally very difficult event.  The entire atmosphere  is surcharged with very high spirit of contemplation. One gapes into the unknown future with expectancy of positivity but sometimes even with nervousness of uncertainty. The most latent aspect of bidding adieu is most interpersonal. We bid goodbye with heavy heart, not so much because you […]

Secured SECOND position in creative writing

Students of The Royal College competed with renowned Schools of India. Competitors were WELHAM GIRLS, UNISON WORLD,  ST. GEORGE’S MUSSOORIE, HOPE TOWN, MAYO COLLEGE AJMER, SELAQUI INTERNATIONAL, ECOLE GLOBAL, KASIGA. WE feel delighted to announce that our students came second in overall analysis. Sheryl from Royal college secured SECOND position in creative writing among 400 […]