District Topper Sheryl Munshan 98.4 percent

District Topper Sheryl Munshan 98.4 percent

Tanishka Singh 96.2 Percent

Purvansh Rathore 94 Percent

Ametesh Singh 90.3 %

Above 80 Percent

The nail biting wait for the Board result  and the suspense was over partially by 25th May afternoon. Finally  the afternoon of 29th May,2018 brought smiles at the Royal College. This   CBSE result for the Royal College is a distinct milestone.  In the life of human being or an Institution, many important mile stones  are achieved but  some of them are so rare and so distinct that they get identified with the very existence of the entity.

Such is the Board result  of the Royal College  and it  has a few  Firsts, the Landmarks.

The First landmark is created by Sheryl  Munshan, scoring  98.4% ( DISTRICT TOPPPER) making it a most scintillating experience for the school. She scored 100 out of 100 in Social Studies. This is the First , a record for the Royal College that any student has achieved a landmark of 98.4%.  This gives a clenching evidence that the academic performance of the Royal College has spiraled up over the period.

The Second landmark is having 5 students with marks 90% and more. They are :

  1. Sheryl  Munshan
  2. Tanishka Singh
  3. Amitesh Singh
  4. Purvansh Rathor
  5. Shraddha Yadav

Besides the above students of distinction, the following also deserve a word of praise for      meritorious  scoring.

  1. Ananya Chauhan
  2. Agam Singh
  3. Himanshu Singh
  4. Porush Bhati
  5. Abhay Sinng Negi
  6. Supreet Kaur
  7. Kamal Singh
  8. Aman Kumar

 Aman Kumar has distinction of scoring 95%  marks in business studies.

The Third Landmark for the Royal College is 100% pass out result in this Board Examination. The Board result has confirmed the sound education   and evaluation  system of the Royal College.

The Board result has reinforced the philosophy and morals of the Royal College teaching. Academic  teachings  coupled with discipline backed by values are the fundamentals of education at the Royal College.

Student of royal college selected by international space and research organization (ISRO) for the training and exposure to the universe for 5 day at Indian Institution of remote sensing (IIRS)

Congratulation!! ISHANK
The pride of the Royals for outstanding performance in SOF Maths scored 59 marks out of 60 with Zonal Rank :- 11

Our Northern Stars More than one !!! SOF Maths

Be the inspiring and guiding stars

Royal Family Congratulates Our State Toppers In SOF Science